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Options for the Principal member, Father or husband

From Age: 19 To Age: 65

Options for the Spouse, mother or wife

From Age: 19 To Age: 65

Options for the children

From Age: 0 To Age: 18
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Premium per year is

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1.       A copay of KES. 500 shall be applicable for all outpatient visits. Outpatient visits at Aga Khan Hospital Nairobi shall attract a co-pay of KES. 1,000 per visit.

2.       Caters for routine outpatient care and treatment.

3.       Pre-existing and chronic conditions have a waiting period of 1 year.

4.       Excludes routine medical check-ups.

5.       Strictly providers on our standard panel; no reimbursements for providers outside the standard panel.

6.       Excludes dental and optical benefits.

7.       Private vaccines excluded.

8.       Standard cover exclusions apply.

9.       Outpatient cancer treatment. (Radiotherapy and Chemotherapy) after one year of cover.



1.       Illness claims incurred within the first 28 days of cover.

2.       Surgical claims incurred within the first 60 days of cover.

3.       Amounts recoverable from other insurances such as NHIF, GPA.

4.       Expenses where material information is withheld or misstated.

5.       Benefits not specified in the brochure and policy.

6.       Treatment by any other than a certified medical practitioner.

7.       Expenses incurred in connection with active participation in riots, civil unrest etc.

8.       Self-inflicted injury and attempted suicide.

9.       Homeopathy, chiropractic treatment, acupuncture, herbal medicine and treatment.

10.   Medical costs due to experimental treatment.

11.   Professional and hazardous sports activities.

12.   Cosmetic Surgery.

13.   Infertility.

14.   Hospitalization Bills incurred by a member at a non-appointed provider.

15.   Alcoholism & conditions related to alcohol intoxication.

16.   Non KEPI Vaccines.