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Options for the Principal member, Father or husband

From Age: 18 To Age: 65

Options for the Spouse, mother or wife

From Age: 18 To Age: 65

Options for the children

From Age: 0 To Age: 18
Enter number of children:

Premium per year is

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1.      Consultation fees (only for doctors on panel list)

2.      Pathology, x-rays, MRI, CT scan and other necessary diagnostic tests.

3.      Prescription drugs and dressing up to a maximum of 30 days Dosage.

4.      Gynecological illness and treatment.

5.      Pre-existing and chronic cover (Year 2)

6.      Cancer treatment (Year 2)

7.      Psychiatric treatment (Year 2)

8.      Physiotherapy- Upon approval by First Assurance.



All plans are subject to a 60 days waiting period.

Fibroids, Hernia, tonsillectomy and Haemorrhoids shall have a waiting period of 24 months.



1.       Internal self-injury while sane or insane, suicide or attempted suicide, treatment of chronic alcoholism and drugs addition.

2.       Expenses recoverable under any other insurance e.g. NHIF.

3.       Treatment for pre-existing and chronic conditions (with the first 12 months)

4.       Treatment for HIV/AIDS and related ailments (within the first 24 months)

5.       Sexual transmitted diseases.

6.       Congenital illness and conditions related to generic disorders.

7.       Cosmetic or plastic surgery unless necessitated by an accidental injury that occurs while the insured is covered under this contract.

8.       Riding or driving in any kind of race.

9.       Participating in any extreme sports.

10.   Beauty treatment or message.

11.   Naval, military and air force operations.

12.   Stays at sanatoria, old age homes, places of rest etc.

13.   Medical check-up, general health examinations, private vaccinations.

14.   Transportation other that a licenced ambulance, as provided for under the in-patient coverage of this contract.

15.   Hearing tests or cost of deaf aids unless resulting from an accidental injury.

16.   Nutrition food supplement.

17.   Prophylactic treatment i.e preventive treatment e.g yellow fever vaccines.

18.   Family planning and fertility treatment i.e cost of treatment related to infertility and impotence.

19.   Injury or illness resulting from insurrection or war, declared, civil commotion or act of terrorism.

20.   Injury as a result of participating in riot and strike.

21.   Nervous breakdown, general debility and psychoneurosis unless resulting from accidental injury.

22.   Alternative treatment such as herbal treatment, acupuncture treatment, chiropractors act.

23.   Expenses resulting from the insured participating in hazardous sports and activities.

24.   No pain monument.

25.   Dental treatment including teeth extractions, fillings, teeth scaling, etc.

26.   Optical treatment relating to correction of eyesight e.g. eye glasses, contact lenses, laser eye treatments.