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Enter total value of the building,Perimeter wall and gate (NON RENTAL)

Premium per year is

Enter total value of furniture, fitting, clothes,shoes,beddings.

Premium per year is

Enter total value of electronics and portable devices

Premium per year is

See What's Covered

Section A

This section covers: Buildings, fences, outbuildings and walls against fire and perils, impact, explosion, earthquake, riot and strike, etc.

Section B

This section covers: Contents of all description while in a building occupied continuously by the proposer against fire & perils and theft.

Section C

This section covers: Portable and/or delicate valuables like jewelry, watches, spectacles etc. against fire perils, theft and accidental damage.

Proposer should furnish all details relating to the items to be covered e.g. Make, Model, and serial Numbers e.t.c. Cover under this section should not be provided on its own.

Section D

This Covers: Domestic workers for accidental injuries or sickness while in the course of duty. Domestic workers would include indoor servants, outdoor servants gardeners, drivers, watchmen etc.

Section E

This covers: Owners legal Liability to third parties (NB) not members of the family or persons in service out of ownership(not occupancy) of  the covered premises.

Common Law imposes a duty on owners of property to maintain the same in a condition that may not cause injury to any person who visits the property or premises.

It is covered for free upto a limit of KES. 2,000,000

Section F

This covers: Occupiers and personal liability to third parties in and out of the premises. Duty of care so as not to injure or occasion injury to visitor is placed on the occupier of property/premises.  This is derived from common law and usually the most common sources of liability are NEGLIGENCE, NUISANCE AND STRICT LIABILITY

It is covered for free upto a limit of KES. 2,000,000

Common clauses and warranties are incorporated in the policy as applicable:

  1. Mortgage clause: where the policy is subject to finance(Section A)
  2. Lien clause: for (1) above
  3. Petrol and mineral oil warranty 1
  4. Sets and pairs clause for section C
  5. Locked boot clause for section C