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Fire cover (Enter total value of building and content excluding value of land)

Premium per year is

Fire insurance covers a policyholder against fire loss or damage from many sources. Sources include fires brought about by electricity, such as faulty wiring and explosion of gas, as well as those caused by lightning and natural disasters.

Excess payable.

For earthquake claims, an excess of 2% of sum insured. Minimum KES. 5,000,000 is payable.

Burglary cover (Enter total value of Items that can be stolen at a given time)

Premium per year is

Burglary Insurance Cover

1.      Covers the cost of replacing your personal items if there is actual forcible or violent breaking into or exit from your home or any other insured premises.

2.      Covers the damage to your insured premises as a result of this forcible entry or exit.


Burglary/Theft Insurance Exclusions

1.      Loss or damage done by someone who is lawfully on the premises, such as an employee or friend.

2.      Loss or damage that happens while your premises are left empty or without a caretaker for a continuous period exceeding four consecutive days.



10% of each and every loss. Min KES. 10,000

All risk cover (Enter total value of electronics and portable gadgets)

Premium per year is

This policy provides cover for loss of or damage to the property insured by Fire, Theft or any Accidental means not excluded by the Policy.

It is suitable for mobile items like cameras, laptops, personal computers, videos and other fragile electronic items, personal items, baggage etc.

Due to the mobile nature of most items, cover will not be restricted to the premises. Policy will usually have the territorial scope as Kenya or Worldwide in respect to items such as laptops and cameras.



10% of each and every loss. Min. KES. 5,000